Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Cape Canaveral?

Levi spins his MP5to a ready position and moves cautiously toward but in a slight diagonal of where the rocket was launched. In a few seconds he hears a CRUMP far off where as suing it to be the rockets impact and explosion. He has only moved a caution 10 feet or so when another rocket WHOOOOSHES skyward.

He gets a better look at this one probably 6 feet long Something like the GRAD BM-21. There will be a launcher, usually a vehicle in the spot that these two rockets launched from. They usually launched in rapid fire, with the launcher then high tailing it away so no counter battery fire can occur. So there is either a malfunction, or an operator is slowly triggering them knowing there is no counter battery to fire on this location

There is an artillery position obscured through dense underbrush and trees maybe 30 meters away. He is already slightly above the position as it appears to be firing from a low area or ravine in front of him He has a general idea that the rocket was fired toward the marina where the Japanese fish fleet is and where the explosion that occurred on the boats there.

He is 4000 to 5000 feet away from both the exploded boat and the rocket impact site. Levi thinks to himself: “Fuck me! Where the hell did that come from!. Shit, there should be guards or lookouts”
Levi figures that he’s already in the security perimeter. Levi drops and looks in a 360, especially at high points. Move to concealment, listen, then investigate…

Thoughts are on being outnumbered and keeping retreat routes open. Observe/invstigate, gather info, don’t engage unless life depends on it. Not a clue as to who, why, or how the hell they got LARGE Soviet hardware here unnoticed. To do that takes organization. Big fish.


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