Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Diego Heads to Airport

Diego has a slight rush of adrenaline as he moves quickly to retrieve his bike and telescope. Securing the telescope in a backpack and rushing atop his bike toward the airport. The Airport had been used by people to live in after the war, but famine and other maladies had reduced the population enough that there were plenty of homes for the survivors now a decade plus afterward.

There was a cold breeze off Seaplane Bay the water inlet that separated the Airport and the College where Diego lived, he pedaled quickly around it and onto the tarmac of San Francisco Airport, past long abandoned cars and airliners now collapsing into themselves.

He secured his bike with a lock to a fence post insight of the group of people, a few soldiers and a somewhat of a commotion. There were 3 Milgov soldiers, 2 with battered M16 rifles held at the ready and what looks to be a Noncom trying to look at papers to let people inside, presumably to climb up the tower to see the commotion similar to Diego.

There is a steel double door behind the men, the Noncom is checking paperwork and letting people in or not as there is some arguing as to the authenticity or expiration date or something…..Sam opens the metal door behind the men and motions Diego toward. “He’s a professor from the college” Sam says as the soldiers notice his advance…

Feeling no real reason to push past the group, Diego takes his place at the back of the line and gets his identification papers out, Sam seems anxious for Diego to come inside. A woman at the head of the line is arguing that she has not had time to renew here papers and they only expired a few days ago. The rest of the crowd is moving from an organized line into a rabble, some of the other people speaking to the two soldiers with rifles who ignore them. Diego patiently waits, Sam is saying something to the officer, but to his back, he is motioning Diego to move past the rabble, for the present Diego is content to await his turn

Soon Diego is waved forward and as Diego moves past the rabble, the officer looks at him and Sam shouts, “that’s the professor I told you about” The officer replies “Yea Yea Yea, go inside” motioning Diego to move toward Sam and the door. “Hey you didn’t check that guys papers” yells one of the other people in the rabble. Diego hears a motor and turns as Sam grabs his arm pulling him inside.

A battered Civilian model Jeep carting soldiers is approaching as Sam pulls Diego inside the tower “Let’s make haste, Sam, before the rabble gets too unruly, shall we?” Diego heads inside Diego is to the interior of the building as the Jeep screeches to a halt outside. Sam and he rush up the stairs and into the control tower. In a space that could comfortably fit 10 people there is a clamor of 20 or so pushed to one side looking out to the south, some with binoculars.

Diego has enough room to extend his telescope and take a good look. Something has evidently blown up in the heart of the Japanese fishing fleet docks. There is a boat sunken low in the water and another on its side. Diego sees only a few people moving nearby as it appears the many have fled. There are large contingents of people keeping their distance from the area


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