Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Meeting the Acumen

Diego gets the story

Diego is lead into an area that used to be several small offices. Delores invites him into the office and to have a seat She sits on the other side of a table and begins to speak. “Well here we are…Diego this is Coventry, Coventry 12 to be exact. We are and organized scholarly group who prides ourselves in being the betterment of mankind. We chose the name Coventry due to its connotation of exile. Long before the war burned, we tried to intervene. We were ridiculed.”

Delores continues, “So we took those who would listen and situated ourselves to survive . It did come but we were also forced to realize we were wrong, although only slightly. We thought that the war would be a true destruction of society. We were ready to crawl from the ashes to reclaim the land….but there were still people. Sure the war was ruinous, but not as completely as we thought.” Diego’s mind adds “or hoped” almost like someone else speaking inside his head.

“We were easily able to move back into society, staying on the edges and continuing with our plan to be self sufficient, but society and humans have recovered better than we thought.” Diego’s mind adds “or hoped” again, Delores continues, " So we reestablished contacts with the other Coventries. We begin trading with the outside world and we begin expanding our settlements."

“Eventually we decided to reach out to others who had survived, others who may have called us paranoid dooms-day-ers before the cataclysm, but now that it has happened….you are one. You are one who we are offering admittance to our group. We research our people carefully. For joining coventry is at the expense of all other loyalty. There will be none before our group. But I believe when you get to know us a little better that whatever you may hold dear, religion…country…government you will find us more compelling to pledge allegiance to.”

Diego was mulling over her words and adding the background he’d read. George Soros must have been the financier behind the start of this. Soros had been trying to warn of impending financial collapse and ended up profiteering immensely right before the war. The economy of Britian for a while was shifted straight into Soros’ pockets though currency trading. Easily unethical, probably illegal, but then bombs fell shortly after.

But Soros must have built this network to survive the war and these must be cumulation of his work……

A man in a military uniform enters, apparently some sort of officer. Delores nods to him and he spins back into the hall. He reappears with a slender man in a brown suit. “Deigo,” says the brown suited man, " I am Acumen Ken Branan, I am the leader of Coventry 12 I would ask that you question me if you wish. For I want to go over several items as we consider you joining….."

Diego has a myriad of questions and opinions swirling through his mind, first and foremost, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Although Diego isn’t completely autonomous, he does enjoy more freedom than most of his peers, heck, probably most of humanity, and it’s this sort of comfort and complacency Diego would have a difficult time exchanging.

Religion, government, community, and even companionship are mostly relative terms, especially with upheaval of events in the last 30 years. If Diego has learned anything, formal education aside, is that the only truth that exists and remains constant is the truth of knowing thyself, and this entire situation does not feel legitimate or altruistic to Diego.

“Diego politely smiles and asks for a cup of tea or water being slightly parched from his trek and then asks, Coventry 12? So there are other Coventry outposts?”

Ken the brown suited man has moved behind the desk across from them. He nods and the two military dressed men and the officer leave. Leaving Ken Delores and Diego alone.

The man in the Brown suit sits and Delores stands and leaves the room, presumably to retrieve the water or tea Diego requested. “Yes” says Ken, replying to Diego’s question about more Coventries " We established not only select societies such as these across the country, but caches from which we could draw upon." Diego knew of many groups that grew out of the ashes of America, but this one appeared to be well organized and funded.

Ken continues, " So here we are at a crossroads of what happens with civilization, we can let the pieces fall where they may or we can attempt to influence the transformation for good. We seek not to control or profit, just to guide. This Coventry is successful and sufficient, and by plan we hope to spread that to the surroundings, hopefully the people are receptive, for we will not force anyone to do or believe anything."

“We are presenting opportunities to members of the community to help in the rebuilding of society. The Military government may have been been the iron hand needed when the chaos was here, but the area has stabilized. Again we do not seek to overthrow, just to facilitate the transition back to a people’s government.”

“We want to start at educational and farming levels, before the war this is what our founder George Soros stressed education and the fact that at the time the world produced enough food to get everyone fed, yet famine still existed. Our short term goals are to get an educational system re-established and get a more concerted effort into feeding people.”

Delores returns with platter on it a stainless steel teapot, scorched under from a fire and a porcelain coffee cup with a screen type teaball and a saucer with tea leaves on it. Delores placed the set on the table in front of Diego. “Fong-Hull” she says offering the saucer of leaves to Diego. “After we began farming food, we had a few who worked to grow a trade good, in the last few years we’ve established a tea green-house. It is our house blend”

“Mmm, Diego sips the tea, this ‘house blend’ is quite sublime! My compliments to your horticulturists for a fine job, indeed!” Diego continues “You are espousing all the correct propaganda, but how many regimes in history’s past have started with the same rhetoric? Pol Pot, Stalin AND Lenin, Hitler, every Roman emperor, the list goes on . . .”


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