Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

The discussion gets heated

Diego and Acumen Ken converse

“Excellent Diego” Ken replies to you, Delores obviously smiling. “We want free thinkers. Although we do have an agenda and a belief in what is right, we in no way wish to enforce our will. We wish to makes sense to those like us so they chose. You either join and help us voluntarily or move along your way. I will be the first to admit that we were wrong before the war. Not that we didn’t predict that this would happen, but that more people didn’t listen to us.”

“This community is born of that ideal, the old fable of the ant and the grasshopper so to speak. We told the world to stop their ways, and when they would not we told them to prepare, and when they did not we hid in our ant hill and let those grasshoppers around us sing during the winter. That is one thing that we are not, sympathetic. Some may find it ruthless, but it is part of that choice. Follow us and benefit, or do not follow us and do as you please. But you are given the choice and its window of opportunity only remains open for so long.”

“This tea is exquisite.” Diego proclaims, interrupting Ken mostly because he felt Ken was getting blustery. "Wars have been instigated for such palatable revelry. Granted the current military regime is heavy-handed at times, but being the current status quo, it would be difficult to overthrow or manipulate such an entrenched society. Yet, here I am. I haven’t survived because “they”, the powers that be have let me, I survive because of who I am. Narcissistic? Absolutely, but in this day and age, it is the only means necessary for a long and somewhat prosperous existence. "

“Excuse me. Please continue.” Diego sees Ken is listening to him, but clearly has more to say.

“As to militarism we are far from that.” Ken continues. “We do have guns, but would never use them to enforce will. We actually have a rule about discharge of firearms off Coventry grounds. Stalin, Lenin, Hitler they imprisoned or murdered their enemies. We try to merely observe our enemies hoping they do not interfere with our community. We would only defend, never attack.”

“But of course we do not expect anyone to believe our words, we prove by action. Our course was philanthropy before the war and we will attempt that again now that society is re-establishing itself. Our first interest is education and nutrition, building a smart community that is not want of food. This may take many years, but we feel it is in the best interest of our fellow human beings.”

“So in conclusion I ask that you do not trust my words, but come to see this communities actions. Come live with us for a week, or even a month. See and meet our people. Watch our deeds and how we run our society, and watch how we treat those who are outside of our society. If living with us still gives you trepidation, why don’t you just hang out? Come by after class, come by on weekends.”

“The papers that you have will allow you access to most areas of the compound, you may come and go as you please. Hopefully you can work with Delores here on some specific times, because we’d like to show you what we are doing. Agriculture, knowledge, building the surrounding community. Travel with one of our convoys, observe our schools, take a look at our food production programs…and decide for yourself.”


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