Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

The launch site

Levi sees where the rockets are coming form

Levi zig zags ahead, crouching low MP5 at the ready to where he believes the rockets launched from. Cresting a ravine he sees several angled metal rail like devices hidden in a small gully. Two have 3 foot long rockets resting on them with asian writing scrawled on their fuselages.

Clearly the two rockets were fired from this position and there are two more (about?) to be fired.

Disturbingly there is a man laying under one of the yet to be launched rockets. An asian man dressed in ghille suit and fatigues. He is prone on the ground and unmoving, his head is directly under the rocket exhaust, if it launches he will be fried to a crisp.

You also see a tarp of camouflage that had been presumedly taken off these before firing

The rocket rails are 30 feet away and 20 feet under where you are. You are at the tip of a ravine that would be a steep slide down to the position. Or you could loop around to approach on more level ground

Levi takes stock of the situation and stares at the body. It is an younger Asian man well dressed in military fatigues and a partial ghille suit. There appears to be a pliers in his hand, almost like he was working on the rocket in front of him and just collapsed over on to his back

Levi hears movement behind him. Twigs snapping as more than one person is moving toward your position or the position of the rockets

The third rocket above the body launches about a minute later, its exhaust scorching the body that is prone beneath it, and pushing in back . Dust and rubble blow up onto Levis position choking and blinding him with its dust and smoke.

Now may be a good time to use the smoke/dust cover to move. Levi has a quick thought that it will be him identified as the one launching the rockets.

Damn, thinks Levi. So much for trapping them in the lowland ravine. Levi was hoping that the folks would come in straight to him from down in the ravine. He’s been mindful of the clock and time on the objective (alluded to earlier). Will circle back and come from behind those advancing to the scene. Trail behind roughly 50m until finding out who they are. MP5 concealed but easily accessed. Non-threatening. Keep close to the trees in case of diving for cover.

Levi makes an easy circle and is in a flanking position of whoever is tromping throughout he underbrush. He gets glimpses of men rushing to the firing position, 4 or 6 of them he is not sure from his areas of cover. They appear to be civilians but are moving in a rushing military fashion using trees for cover and leapfrogging, but not with any precision and rather sloppily

He takes up a position on their rear flank and tries to get a little recon. It looks like the group has reached the position and is interested in stopping the rockets or their launchers

Levi is able to get a look at one of the men bounding through the bush. He has a mix of old survival gear and civilian clothes on and carrying an M16. He wears no insignia but appears to be Asian. You know this to be an area of the Japanese fishing fleet and the rockets went that way. You assume this is some sort of reactionary force to the rockets

The men disappear back into the brush and you are able to get a bit of movement in behind them. HTey are low skilled and making a lot of noise, it is easy for you to move behind them and observe

There are 3 that you can see, although you think there are more, they are standing on the edge of the ravine and pointing M16 rifles down toward where you think the rockets were.

WHOOOSH! The 4th rocket takes off and showers the men in dust and obscures your view

Levi is forward before the men have even got off the ground. They are coughing and covered in dust, clearly not ready for what just happened and poorly trained

Levi takes charge of the situation. He sees 7 men. 5 carry old model M16A1s and 2 carry old battered M14s. They are picking themselves up off the ground and confused.

“You two” he yells at the men with M14s. “Take positions HERE and cover the rest” . “You two down that side of the ravine move toward the ocean. That is where the escape route will be”. The other two, other side of the ravine. MOVE AND COVER MOVE AND COVER 10 feet at a time one move the other cover. I’ll move down behind you, remember where the other team is and don’t fire that way

The men respond to Levi’s taking charge, two men moving to each side of ravine toward the ocean, the 2 with M14s moving near trees in overwatch. Levi smiles to himself

Levi will stay in overwatch for a bit to see if they flush anyone.The two ‘away’ teams move off in to the brush and Levi can occasionally see them in between the trees and scrub. He is getting a good overwatch look and doesn’t see any movement from below.

In a few minutes a couple more men approach from the rear, tromping heavily through the brush, Levi instructs his overwatch men to keep an eye on the away team and spins to face the new approachers. Levi has cover behind a tree and yells to the men hoping they are part of this reaction force “You Men OVER Here”

The men obey and move quickly to his position. Levi barks a quick SITREP to them and places them in overwatch positions as well

Off to the North Levi sees another group of men moving toward his position. There are 5 of them and they are moving quickly in Levi’s direction, he surmises that they are also a reactionary force moving to the rocket launch position. They are 500 meters away and moving through a parking lot at the base of the point.


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