Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

The Peacock's feathers

Maze gets ready

Maze spends the morning carefully washing and pressing a suit. He had a good collection of pre-war suits, ones that would have cost thousands before the war. Few people had need of suits these days. His Marine corps M9 was a bit big to conceal beneath the sport coat, at least w/o being obvious. He had been a big fan of James Bond movies back in the day and of course had a Walther PPK for his concealed pistol.

He had a good shoulder rig that kept the Walther securely under his left armpit, almost invisible once a sport coat went atop. So today it was a Liana Lee suit, clean English cut of charcoal grey and light pinstripes, and always Marine Corps dress Oxfords. Like he was going to the opera it was several hours of primping and preening….all as is tradition and expectation for and audience with the “king”

Maze goes over what he needs to do about warning the Family about what has occurred. Number 1 is establish his alibi—he was with Maggie at the time as long as she doesn’t lie this shouldn’t be an issue. He is worried about the woman Maggie threw off the boat. This will be Maggie’s to cover up or excuse. The job was done he thinks a trip back to her lair bowing and scraping, they could stop by on the way to the castle.

Maze had gotten word yesterday that his request for a meeting with Yasuda had been granted. He was setting up the meeting as per Yasuda’s rules. Entourage and looking sharp, soe kind of B-Movie Yakuza gangster that had infiltrated the organization since Yasuda took over.

Maze has done this many times before. Polished himself up and presented himself. The level of “seriousness” of the meeting will be determined by how many of your entourage is let into the meeting. The bodyguards will usually be left behind. If it is serious company business then the lady will also be left.

Usually a subordinate accompanies at all time, like a scribe or accountant to remember the facts. In rare cases of extreme problem you would go alone, that’s when it is BIG trouble. Although with a subordinate may not be completely safe. Sometimes when an example is wanted to be set, it is nice to have a witness within the camp of the punished. This way there won’t be spin on the story of what happened.

Maze’s uncle would have had this on the business end of the spectrum, especially trying to clean up after the war. With things starting to calm down, Yasuda is starting to re-establish some of the silly practices like a fresh chicken blood into saki, silly suits and hairstyles. The great Tim is also grabbing onto this, but in a more juvenile way. And as the family spends more effort on this, other more items fall away, like the uniformed color of the sails on the boats.


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