Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

The troops assemble

Maze and Levi meet

Maze sees what could be Japanese fleet security moving about in the brush. He sees one figure hand signalling from atop a rise It is military and a signal to rally on that point. Maze urges his men up into the woods. They encounter 2 other fleet soldiers and quickly learn that They were sent down the hill to look for the people firing the rockets and that a “commander” is atop the hill in over-watch. Other soldiers were sent east to the water.

Maze and his 4 men move with the 2 new men back up the hill, toward the top of the ravine where they saw the rally signal They gather 2 more men who also say they were sent by a “commander” but found nothing all the way to the water line.

The now larger group heads back up the ravine

In the ravine are crudely made rail launchers. Simple welded steel frames that a rocket can be set upon “Estes” style to more or less direct it in a general direction.

4 Launchers. 4 Rockets were fired. 3 about a minute apart and the last one 5 minutes later

There is a body at the base of the launchers, its camouflaged suit is smoldering

There is a BDU dressed man with an MP5 and 4 other Soldiers atop the ravine with weapons in your general direction but not threatening. The BDU dressed man waves you up.

Maze doesn’t think to question the Pacific Islander looking man whom two different soldiers called commander as he addresses Maze “Nobody from where you and your men came, and we are clear to the water from my 9 (he points to his left/due west) to my 3 (he points to his right/due east)”

Only place someone could have gotten to is back to the South East. Maze and Levi quickly get their men into 3 groups. Levi and Maze Command/over-watch group along with the 2 soldiers with M14s. The other 10 men are divided into two teams of 5. One will move while the other covers…..

You are moving toward the Merchant Marine Memorial Overlook. There is only about 1000 feet and limited area that the rocketeers could be hiding in, if they are still here at all


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