Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Them There's a Rocket!

Maze under fire

Maze stands and moves cautiously toward the scene. The blast seems to have been a solid bang of pressure that destroyed one boat and severely damaged others. The smoke is more dissipated and Maze can see people mostly moving away from the scene a couple are crawling with obvious injuries.

There are 6 boats moored along the way, that as Maze moves he shouts “GET YOUR BOAT AWAY” on board. Only on 2 does he visibly see a Captain or Mate who acknowledges his order.

He gets to about 50 meters from the area and can see a few other Organization soldiers moving toward the scene, but the rest of the ships compliments from nearby have fled.

He has a good look at the first boat that is on its side, masts now pointing toward him as he moves to the area. There is crewman clambering up onto the pier soaking wet but apparently unharmed. Remains of the middle boat can not be seen apart from a large amount of debris.

The dock that runs the length of the shore to which the boats are tied is heavily damaged missing a large section. There are more soldiers and workers moving toward the scene. Maze looks at the soldier who is with him on the hull, “Stay here and talk to whoever is in there, tell them we are coming we just gotta get some tools” Maze hops off the hull back onto the dock and yells at several other people “TOOLS! We need to punch through that hull to get somebody out”

A few of the others look perplexed, then a teenaged worker says “we have a saw an drill in our boat, be right back” he turns and runs away. “You guys” Maze yells at the gathering crowds, " get to stamping out that stuff smoldering over there before it catches fire"

Maze yells “with me” to the other soldier and is able to leap aboard the hull of the capsized boat. There is considerable damage amidships and the inner holds are exposed and twisted. Maze calls out but hears no cries of distress. “HERE” cries the other soldier and Maze moves cautiously back toward the bow. Someone in frantically pounding from inside the bow

Several other soldier/helpers have arrived

The other soldier has succeeded in getting the sailor up onto the dock

You will need something to cut through the fiberglass hull

Boat can not sink any further, you are assuming whoever is pounding is in an air pocket to the bow of the boat and there is too much damage behind them to get aft
Maze orders one of the soldiers to assist the man emerging from the water and the other to stick with him.

The two damaged boats

Boat-1 sunk straight down. Water is shallow here and you can see that the explosion has blown large jagged hole in it’s side, Draft of most of the boats is 6-10 feet with retractable centerboards or daggerboards. Boats with solid keels have to me moored in deeper areas

Boat 2 is on its side toppled over and also shows significant damage from the blast
The others begin stamping out smoldering fires, Maze grabs another soldier and says “With me” and heads toward the sunken boat. The gangway is still in place and they are easily able to board, there is about an inch of water on the deck, the masts are toppled

The Yacht has a cabin/pilothouse amidships with the foredeck opened as a fish hold, although there are walkways round hold. There is a sailors body floating face down in the entrance to the cabin. The cabin has suffered heavy damage and is partially collapsed you hear a moan from inside. It will be difficult to crawl in amidst the twisted wreckage

The tools arrive and Maze and several others begin drilling and sawing ZOOBAH ZOOBAH ZOOBAH on the boat on its side attempting to reach the person who is trapped in the bow.

Several others are on the swamped boat, anyone trapped inside the tangle of the damage would have drowned by now. They have opened up hatches and pulled a couple bodies from the water

15 minutes after the explosion and a good crowd is about. Charlie is within shouting distance. Any fires are stamped out, and several wounded are being attended to

Maze is standing on the dock observing the men sawing an opening to get the person trapped inside when he sees a large puff of smoke in the trees of Coyote Point to the South, about 400-500 meters away. Maze stares for a second in disbelief as what appears to be a rocket rises from the smoke and begins climbing, but not too high as its trajectory is headed right at you..

The rocket is a low trajectory short range giving only a few seconds from launch to impact Maze yells for everyone to take cover, but only a few comply, several actually watch the rocket like spectators at a fireworks show. Luckily for you the rocket passes well overhead and impacts on the remains of the Bay Freeway about 1000 feet away. The explosion is small but clearly would have caused some damage had it hit something.

Maze raises his head and his quick analysis is the kind of Soviet made angle unguided rocket From the WWII Katusha to the BM-21 Grad (rain) that PACT forces used so often as artillery prep before an attack. He raises himself up as many of the others are now running about or hugging earth.

He follows the streak of smoke looking toward where it was launched he sees the now dispersed ball of smoke where it was launched from the trees of Coyote Point, Then a second one launches GET BACK DOWN MORE INCOMING he shouts and hugs the earth near the pier again .


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