Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Through the wall

Levi and Jose get through the sandbagged wall

Levi works on a top corner of the plywood. Slowly and cautiously to ensure the cieling doesn’t give way. After an hour he has found out that in fact there is a 2×4 frame that is built with plywood on this side. The other side are orange nylon commercial sandbags in which a frame of wood is holding them into a wall.

He decides that cutting a piece of the plywood out and then attempting to remove the sandbags behind may be the best to see what they are up against. Jose and Levi take turns, one upstairs guarding for awhile and the other working. A rip saw is used to cut away a 1 foot diameter “moon” and then the sandbags are pushed and pulled. They are secured well.

After shoring up the ceiling and boring out part of the wall, and pulling sandbags out. There is enough room for a man to crawl through. “If you see my legs kick wildly, pull me out,” Levi tells Jose, “here goes nothing,” Levi starts worming his way through the hole. He gets just his head and upper torso through and shines his flashlight about.

He is in a 10 foot by 30 foot room. All the walls are cinder blocks. The door that needed to be picked was on one of the 30 foot walls. There is a matching door opposite it. “Wow this is a really good bunker” Levi thinks pulling himself the rest of the way through. Levi yells back through the opening. “Gonna take a look about, but we may need Tie for another door in here.”

Levi enters the room and stands. Jose follows and says he locked the outer door. The deadbolt is hand lockable from the inside. There is nothing on the walls and only a darkened fluorescent fixture on the ceiling. “It is pitch dark, you might be eaten by a Grue” a line from the text game Zork, pops into Levi’s head.

This does in fact look like a blast protection area, and sandbags would absorb some radiation too. Levi and Jose move toward the other metal door, a bit of checking it over then a turn of the handle,

It is unlocked and you swing it slowly inward….


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