Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Which way would you run?

Maze heads toward the fire

Fire is coming from just over a mile away, but from an area “controlled” by the Japanese. But Gathering the troops and heading toward it is about the only way you are going to “Counter Battery”

Plus assuming the rockets are landing IN your area, getting out of the area by moving toward the launch site is a good idea

Maze yells at some of the soldiers who are also hugging the earth to “Come with me” and they advance North to Airpost Boulevard. They will have to lower a hand controlled drawbridge, cross, and come back along the shoreline. Even double time will take about 10 minutes. But he should be able to gather up more than the 3 soldiers he’s got with him now

Maze and his men quick time to the bridge that spans the canal. It is an old foot drawbridge that is now cranked up and down by hand, taking 10 men to do it to let ships pass, luckily it is in the down position currently.

Maze has 4 men with him one with an M16 and one with an Uzi the other two have pistols as does Maze. They are making a beeline for Coyote point where the rockets had been fired from
Maze and his men quickly cover a half mile, about half of the way there.

The smoke trails from the first three rockets are dissipating in the wind when WHOOOOOSH a forth rocket streaks from the wooded side toward the sea of Coyote point. You have a good view of where the rocket launched from and continue to make a beeline toward it.

You are still 800 meters away, which would be at long range for a military trained sniper. You are also at the extreme for most common large rounds like 7.62 and .300 win

Since you are worried about opposing force, Maze yells at his men to not bunch up and to zig zag a bit, don’t run in straight line. Once you get to 400 meters or so he can take more defensive measures, but nobody is gonna hit you at this distance except for a highly trained sniper with a BIG gun like a .50

Maze and his men are moving through a parking lot and quickly toward the point which looms ahead of them…They cover another hundered meters and pull up against the remains of restrooms, made of cinderblock. They can see men moving in the treeline where the rockets were launched but the men seem to be doing what Maze and his men are doing, they are spread out and moving cautiously


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