Jose Luis Llosa Guerrero

Ecuadorian Coast Guard Petty Officer trapped in the US at the start of the war.


Gender: Male
Material Status: Married, three children.
Country: Ecuador / US. Has lived in the United States since the start of the war and has settled in. Lives on a MilGov camp and is attached to the remnants of the 11th Coast Guard Fleet.
Nationality: Ecuadorian. Heritage is Mestizo (Spanish / American Indian)

STR: Slightly Below Average
AGL: High (Life on or near sea)
CON: Average
CHA: Above average. Strong Spanish genes with hazel eyes.
INT: Above average.
EDU: Below average. Good education from Ecuadorian standard, but no college.

Background Skills: Fluent in Spanish and English. Fishing, Swimming, Navigation, Small Boat.

First Term – Coast Guard
Served on a small patrol like boat performing drug counter-ops and rescue.
Small Arms – Rifle (HK-33E), Pistol (9mm). Improved Navigation and Small Boat.

Second Term – Coast Guard
Promoted, started to take a lead on talking with captured drug runners. Promoted and comes to US. Stuck at the start of the war.
Improved Rifle and Pistol. Mechanic (small boat), Interrogation, Scuba.

Third Term – US Coast Guard
Served with US Coast Guard while stuck. Used as a translator / Equipment repair.
Improved Small Arms. Improved Mechanic. Improved Interrogation. Added Scrounging.

Fourth Term – US Coast Guard.
With few ships, worked on what was available. Started splitting time with fishing groups.
Improved Mechanic, Improved Scrounging. Improved fishing, small boat and navigation. Improved Scuba.

HK-33E. 9mm Pistol. Flare Gun with 24 rounds of flares. Snorkel fins, mask and breather. Basic Tools. Rope. Kelvar helmet and vest. Life preserver. Compass. Sextant. Fishing pole, tackle.


Born in a fishing village near Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Son of a local more successful than average fishing boat captain. Spent plenty of time on the beach fishing, swimming and life on a small ship. Learned English taking visitors on fishing trips and tourist runs.

Ran into local drug cartel when he discovered that his father would occasionally make transfer runs from one ship to another. Was received by local drug cartel leader who bribed Ecuadorian Coast Guard official into taking Jose on. Would occasionally check up on Jose.

Due to hard work and a good cover when he allowed his host’s ships pass or not find drugs on raids was offered an opportunity to go to the US for training. War starts. Stuck in the US on Coast Guard Island. Settled in due to his abilities running a ship, navigating and such.

Recently, has grown board not spending time on sea. Equipment has broken down, so he started joining local fishing groups as protection and second or first mate.

He carries his HK-33E 5.56N mostly because he is used to it. He is a free
agent switching between Milgov and private depending upon who pays better.

Jose Luis Llosa Guerrero

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