MSG Levi Lui

Happy go lucky Samoan vet with some time on boats.


Age: 38
Rank: E-8
Branch: Army, Abn. Inf.
Nationality: Am. Somaoan

Str: 15
Agl: 12
Con: 17
Sta: 13
Int: 8
Edu: 7

Load: 30
Coolness: 8
Throw Range: 30
Rads: 119

Head: 17, Chest: 45, Larm: 30, Rarm: 30, Abs: 30, Lleg: 30, Rleg: 30

CRM: 54, 27, 09
PST: 37, 18, 03
HW:: 25, 12, 04
LB:: 13, 06, 01


CRM: 91
MC:: 41
BC:: 25
HW: 42
PST: 62
WVD: 52
TW: 45
SWM: 80
Stealth: 67
Obs: 50
Scr: 41
Trk: 68
HB: 23
Mech: 39
Met: 50
CBE: 24
Para: 52
Inst: 54
Lang English: 100
Lang Samoan: 100
Lang Inuit: 05
Lang Polish: 17
Leadership: 82
SBH: 79
Frm: 45
Nav: 50
LgBH: 21
Fsh: 62


Grew up in Am. Samoa with a cultural skillset (SWM, MET, SBH, HB, Lang, FRM, Fish, Nav, Track, Stealth, Obs). When to the States (CA) at 18 years to make it rich in the land of opportunity. Worked some construction, but missed the ocean.

Went to work the AK crab boats for a couple years (age 20-21) (little Mech, more Nav and Met, Lang Inuit, Lg Boat Handling). Always willing to bite the head off a herring. Long hours on a cold, rolling deck were the par. Made good money and was respected as a hard worker who never complained. Spent a year in Merchant Marine when war broke out. He had was posted to a small cargo hauler, he had the seamanship to do it from reading waves most of his life, and this boat was about the size of the crab vessels he worked.

His tenure in the merchant marine was cut short by something, and he was quickly into the 82nd airborne. He volunteered for the dangerous assignments, ran point, lead from the front. Others looked at him as just another crazy Samoan – always good natured and always willing to do the hard shit.

Excelled in the Army because of good nature, leading from the front, and respect for all. Fought all over Europe, even carrying out his orders and fighting like a True Believer for the USA, even after the disintegration of the EurCom. Went back to the states after 10 years’ of being at the needs of the army. "Why fight here when the USA, the land that gave me money and my freedom of choice to be whomever I wanted to be, is in peril. I should protect the border!

Has a half completed pe’a, traditional tattoo, stomach to knee, one leg, not down the other to be completed when he gets back to Samoa. Several images are of Nafanua the Samoan god of war

Conus for 4 years to present (age 34-38)….need to fill in
Carries some combination of:
M25 a product improved M21 with lightweight fiberglass stock, Leupold and Stevens 10x scope, bipod and large flash suppressor
Glock 17

MSG Levi Lui

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