Masahiro(Maze) McConnell

Thin fit Japanese/American, close cropped hair sunglasses



Age: 38
Rank: E6 Staff Sgt
Branch: USMC
Nationality: American (of Japanese descent)

Melee Armed 50
Mellee Unarmed 40
Small Arms Pistol 50
Small Arm Rifle 50
Thrown Weapon 30

Small Boat Handling 40
Forgery 20
Stealth 20
Gunsmith 20
Lockpick 20
Wheeled Vehicle 30

Swimming 30

LNG (English) 100 Native
LNG (Japanese) 70
LNG (Chinese) 30
LNG (Korean) 30
LNG (Spanish) 20
Leadership 30
Persuasion 40
Interrogation 20

Navigation 10
Observation 40
Fishing 20
Scrounging 30

EDUCATION 5 High School


The second son of Nisei mother and gaijin father, his looks, and nature, always favored his maternal side. A So-Cal native, Masahiro went through HS not getting the grades his older brother did and came out not knowing WTF to do with his life. Like all such guys, the choices looked to be useless beach bum and skateboarder, gangster hangaround, or the Corps. Enlisted after high school and was in a few years before the balloon went up. Somewhat undistinguised career notable mostly for making E-6 by dint of keeping himself and most of his squad, anyway, alive and, eventually, home. Made it back to Cali only to find he had nothing really left there. By some reports his family was dead; by others, they’d returned to his mother’s ancestral birthplace in Kyoto Prefecture. Either way, they weren’t in the former Golden State any longer.

Short on cash and long on time, he migrated north to pick up private security work for an Uncle who controlled a number of small vessels in the SF Bay area and who quickly became Maze’s patron in a variety of business interests. Among his duties, he handled a variety of “import-export” activities, including negotiations, logistics, and shipboard and land-based security. While not an Able Seaman, knows stern from bow and is familiar with various elements of the legitimate and illegitimate post-war merchant marine. Has a bosun’s attitude and a sergeant’s organizational skills.

With the unexpected passing of his Uncle while on an extended trip dealing with business matters outside the SF area, he found himself without a patron and with suddenly limited prospects within the organization that had given him purpose [and a not-unhealthy living, all things considered] since his return to California. In short, it’s high time to get the hell out of dodge.

He has some (Mexican) Spanish thanks to growing up in SoCal and not-quite-fluent Japanese (such a disappointment to his mother). There’s also a bit of Chinese and Korean picked up from growing up in the neighborhood and reinforced through his dealings with certain clients and business partners.

Masahiro(Maze) McConnell

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