Diego Colon de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Barrientos Acosta

Wiry or lithe build. Short in stature. Well-groomed and fastidious in nature.


Age: 40
Rank: Warrant Officer 1 WO1
Branch: Military Logistics
Nationality: Mexican-American

Melee Armed 80
Small Arms Pistol 40
Small Arm Rifle 20
Hunting Bow 20
Thrown Weapon 20 (knives only) 40

Small Boat Handling 30
Stealth 20

Swimming 10

LNG (Spanish) 100 Native
LNG (English) 80
LNG (Chinese) 60
LNG (Japanese) 50
Leadership 50
Persuasion/Interrogation 30
Disguise 10

Electronics (Radio) 50
Navigation 10
Observation 40
Fishing 20

Meteorology 20


Diego is a handsome man on the surface, physically fit with dark Mexican features. He is fairly selfish though, his studies and what he wants to do is what usually comes first. He is thin and quick.

Diego to be an opportunist at heart so his idealism of manual labor is overshadowed by his lack of physical work ethic. He sees himself as more of a negotiator rather than a laborer, always ready to lead rather than be led.

He wears L.L. Bean and Abercrombie civilian survival clothes, as if going on a hunting trip while attired with a bow-tie. Rugged yet clearly civilian. He is occasionally seen in a ridiculous feathered hat of a Musketeer and even more odd complete costume of a Spanish Calvary-man or occasionally dressed as Zorro. All items someone scrounged from movie sets that he bartered his services for as he a definite cinephile, preferring VHS tapes or film to any digital format. His collection is impressive despite his current status and the condition of the area.

Diego was a champion fencer, competing with the Saber. He often wears one of many that he has, both competitive (relatively safe) and combative (actual weapons) He is fond of quoting Obi Won Kenobi “Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, an elegant weapon for a more civilized age” When drawing his saber for show and tell. He is very competent with any bladed weapon.

He grew up in a wealthy family, his ruthless father running a small empire of fishing and food production. Diego had no want or need of work to survive, but his intelligence drew him to schooling and the noble sport of fencing. Before the war and his emigration to the states, his family business seemed to under unusual competition from some of the other enterprises. For this, his father’s business started to collapse. His FAther, being prideful and clandestine, did not speak of business with his family, so when Diego’s older brothers started disappearing, there was definitely cause for concern. It was at this time Diego was “coerced” to move to the U.S. and seek his fortunes at his Father’s insistence.

His rich family got him his dual citizenship just before the war, Mexico went to hell a lot faster and it was imperative that he get out. Of course the US went to hell soon after. The bombs fell just as he finished his PhD in the US. He was conscripted as a translator as the Mexican Army invaded. Commissioned as a Warrant Officer he became a ruthless interrogator when he felt the need, but just as often had pity and didn’t get the results MilGov desired. As the famine and food riots hit, his unit was disbanded and he just didn’t report anywhere else. There was no one to report to, or miss him.

His days are spent teaching, his afternoons on the water in a small sailboat working on his thesis. His nights on a ham radio or teaching fencing to a few interested patrons. Though he has ample free-time, he often still reflects as to what has happened to his family, yet is concerned that his return could be disastrous.

Diego Colon de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Barrientos Acosta

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