Weapons and Miscellaneous


Plaid shirt
Wool hunting pants water repellent
Bow tie
Wool “Dipshit” Cap
Short Sabre 36" Mexican Military academy
Marksman sunglasses (interchangeable lenses)

Short decorated Sabre, similar to machete
Epee fencing foil
3 Stainless Steel throwing knives
Large blade combat knife
Ruger Blackhawk cylinders for 9mm and .357
Sako Bavarian Carbine (Sako 85 6 shot bolt action)

Hunting overcoat, LL Bean water repellent
Hunting vest multi-pocket LL Bean
Waxed Cotton Rucksack LL Bean

30x leather wrapped brass telescope
Moleskin journal Monte Blanc pen
Pocket watch Monte Blanc
Contemporary boots, military style. Very stealthy, weather resistant.
Wool clothing, down to his skivvies
Grooming kit w/straight edge razor
Pomade used for mustache and beard
Tobacco w/ pipe
Waterproof matches
Hip Flask w/ “top-shelf” tequila
Electronics kit (meant to repair HAM radio)
Sewing Kit
Small Med-Kit

ID Card San Francisco area Civilian 3 star Civ3



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