Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

First Day of the Dance
First day at Hunter's Point

Hunter’s Point is an old WWII naval yard, just about abandoned in the 1980s it was used as an auxiliary base during the initial part of the War. When the bombs hit is 1997 San Francisco took most of the damage and Hunter’s point as old and decrepit as it was was relatively untouched. This area is far behind the lines and with a firm grip of Milgov control, there are no bad sections of this town, unless you count drunken sailors who occasionally will start a brawl with an occasional pistol fight. San Fran is all Milgov, this is like a military base in the 1940s, mostly under control. There are houses of ill repute and gin joints but Milgov has a firm grip on area

Diego (Rob) Has been living at a re-established college in a teachers collective about 4 miles south a long but simple walk up the coast highway. The locals are happy to have educators around and provide local militia guards. The College was undamaged and abandoned. When people moved back in they were able to salvage a lot of educational items most notably books.

Maze (Justin) is running/working Japanese fishing boats 10 miles south of Hunter’s Point. The Japanese have a large fishing fleet sailing out of Coyote Point. The Ex marine jogged the 10 miles to the base.

Levi (Bill) and JP (JP) Are about 14 miles south, in Foster City, which has a large multi national but segregated fleet. Both caught rides on boats out in the morning

The base is surrounded by a large chain link fence topped with a combination of rusty razor and barbed wire. Buildings also are used as the fenceline with their lower windows bricked over and their upper ones with bars over them. On one building you notice a sentry on the roof. There is much activity behind the wire as human powered transports rush things to and fro. Following the fenceline you come to a traditional checkpoint, complete with small wooden guard post and raisable bar/gate

A single sentry stands outside of the guard shack, eying you as you approach. He is dressed in grey coveralls with no denotion of rank, and old M16 slung barrel down over his shoulder. As you approach he perks up moving toward you and starting the conversasion: “Papers or state your business,”

Each Character mentions or shows the poster they saw as the guard looks you up and down as a rickshaw pulled by a wirey older Asian filled with crates pulls up opposite of you wanting to leave. The sentry turns and says loudly “Just a minute Tang” then turns back to you. Maze recognizes the rickshaw driver, his name is “Tan” not “Tang”

The guard produces a clipboard from the shack and asks “name?” as you answer he writes it down and says outloud as he writes “building fifty-two” and something else then looks up and says “straight ahead, second intersection, take a left 4 blocks down Big cinder block building on right, has a fifty two painted on it. You got an hour, to get back here and check out or we come looking for you.”

You follow his instructions and find the building, painted grey it
appears to be WWII era construction some kind of administration building
2 stories high with a very large “52” painted on the side. There is
only one door in the front flanked by two Marines dressed in fatigues.
Next to the Marines is a rusty metal file cabinet. A loud noise
makes you turn as a 5 ton truck roars behind you backfiring and belching smoke

Approaching the Marines they ask you “State your business” Characters reply about the poster “no weapons inside” the Marine closest to you opens the middle drawer of the file cabinet. Characters place pistols and other small weapons inside, leaning long guns against the building. “Through this door second door on right marked one two five two” Pistols or knives are placed inside, long guns leaned up against the building.

You wander inside a stairway to your right heads upstairs there are 4 doors on the right side of the hall 1152 is the first door 1252 is the second. It is oddly quiet and you feel like you are being watched as you push open the door to 1252 hearing light tinkle of bells as the door opens.
You enter a room dominated by a large desk several filing cabinets.

There is a Manilla envelope on the desk a pad of paper several pens and another door opposite the door you entered, it also opens as you enter. A Marine in a tight OD T shirt and cammo pants is followed by a younger Marine with a combat helmet and a Mossberg shotgun held at the ready.

“Have a seat,” says the first Marine motioning to a chair in front of the desk. He sits behind the desk pulling the pad of paper toward him as the other Marine moves to a corner. “So tell me why you are here”

He begins writing on the pad, "What’s your name? Spell it. Last rank held in the military? We are looking for people with sailing experience, preferably on a rigged ship, looking for guys who speak different languages and someone who can handle themselves in a scrap.

Characters reply in some form of what Diego says "I’ve come in reference to your solicitation. I have much experience serving on fishing vessels as my family owned several fishing boats on the Pacific coast in Mexico before the ‘uprising’. I would spent much of my time aiding in whatever capacities were deemed necessary and even spent much of my college collecting data amongst various fishing companies to determine a viable and sustainable plan to prolong the health of our industry. Not as “pencil-pusher’ mind you, but an honest-to-god fisherman. I miss those days and see this as an opportunity to gain respect for my father and our family of proud seamen.”

GM Note Rob really enjoyed writing the word seamen into several sentences the best was “solicitation for seamen”

“I don’t have much military experience, but served for a time in the US Army as a translator mostly dealing Mexicans. I also have dealt with competitors who think they know more than our family does when it comes to equitable business operations. Let’s say, whatever means necessary. In terms of language skills,” (this where I confound him with several phrases from some old sea poem in my known languages).

The Marine ignores any questions that the characters asked and was seemingly unimpressed with Diego’s jibber jabber

GM note Both Mil(itary)Gov AND Civ(illian)Gov consider themselves “The US Goverment” Both claim to be the legitimate government of the United States. MilGov controls The West coast to Colorado. CivGov East Cost to Chicago. Texas and Florida are independent. The South is controlled by New America

After about 20 more minutes of questioning he says “if we wish to contact you further where can we find you” you give your address location of your home. “If you hear from us, it will be in about 2 weeks” He stands tears off the paper he’s been writing on, writes your name on the manilla envelope, places the notes inside and turns sharply and leaves through the door he came in. Leaving you in the room with the shotgun holding Marine.

The young Marine stands stoically even when talked to

Levi, Diego and Maze all wander about the less restricted area of the base. Noticing the lax security until they run into heavily fortifies positions and a fence-line guarded by MG towers. There is some serious firepower protecting the interior of the base.

In the Beginning there was...
Your first day on the job

Your character is somewhere in the vicinity of South San Francisco. They have
ben working on/around the commercial fishing and shipping fleet that has sprung
up in the last few years.

Milgov was able to control the peninsula from San Jose north and was able to
spread their influence eventually linking with Milgov in Sacramento and then
pushing North. Oakland originally held by street gangs eventually collapsed
with no infrastructure as famine was the way Milgov was able to gain control
there. So Northern California is mostly in Milgov hands.

South California is a shambles, LA devastated by riots and San Diego held by
remnants of the Mexican invasion has been generally ignored as Milgov has felt
that they only have manpower to hold territory.

With large holdings in Washington, Milgov began trading up the coast which
eventually solidified their hold on the western coast. Fish came back in large
numbers w/o the human population that once preyed on them.

Hawaii is independent but has good relations with Milgov with many sailing
vessels making the 15-30 day voyage

Most of the vessels are very small pre war fiberglass recreation vessels that
have been converted to haul cargo or hold fish. Some larger steel hulled
vessels have been out fitted with sails.

You have heard rumors for a long time about ship building resuming in the old
Hunters Point Naval yard. Which has become the seat of MIlgov’s patrol fleet of
small, mostly sail, boats.

Recently you’ve seen flyers posted about town looking like old propaganda
posters. You have not paid much attention until one afternoon after a
particularly shitty day, you wander into a local watering hole. The place has
always been known for their bad basement made beer, but some people like
yourself have grown a taste for it’s slightly sour medicinal taste.

There are few people in the building when you arrive and only one other sitting
at the bar. You pull up a stool “Adventure Awaits” says the poster behind the
bar on the wall. You order a beer and ask the bartender about the poster.

“Some military types have been putting those up all over,” he says to you.
“Something about a special group of elite sailors or some such, they are looking
for sea types to apply at,” he pauses, " I forgot where, read the small type on
the poster." He thumbs in the poster’s direction.

You push away from the bar taking your beer with you and approach the poster. A
gruff looking sailor type stands proudly at the rail of a ship, clearly a
distance off a coastline.
The small type states:

The United States (you chuckle and say that out loud “United States”) is looking
for men with Naval experience for a lucrative opportunity. Interested persons
should go to Hunter’s point naval station and ask for building 52

Maybe it is time for a change you think, gotta be better than what I’m doing
now, what the hell I’ll head down there tomorrow morning and take a look…


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