Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Maze after the Explosion

Maze rolls onto his side and tries to get a look a what the hell just happened. Smoke and dust is rolling over him and visibility is currently only about 50 feet. Debris is still thumping and striking around him, but it is lighter pieces that are fluttering down.

There is a human arm sans owner, laying about 10 feet away from him on the dock. Maze is perplexed by it for a second and he sees it spasm the fingers closing to a half fist then relaxing

The blast came level at him. It was a ground based explosion without any warning, IED, mine, detonated bomb, but came from where boats were moored first thought is something on one of the boats has blown up

Everything is sore, like a boxer rabbit punched him all over, but everything works.

The splinter has embedded itself like a spear into his arm, but it is just stuck in the meat.

Charlie and the Sea Horse would be behind you down the docks about 100 meters. Maze was walking away front the Coy

The smoke had begun to clear as Maze crouched not wanting to stand fully incase something else blew up. This was too big of a blast to have been something on a boat, no stash of gasoline or something like that could have done this.

Maze can see that where he knew there were 3 boats moored together that there was now a chaotic scene of mess. There is a boat missing from the middle of the trio that were there. The boat to its port is lying on its side, the boat to its starboard is low in the water and missing gaping chunks of its hull, its masts felled.

There are workers picking themselves up off the docks which appear to have taken considerable damage as well. There are a few small fires burning.

Levi moves toward blast

Levi makes his way at first hurriedly then cautiously toward where the pall of black smoke rose into the air. The blast came from toward the Bay and as he nears he realizes it is in the area that is the HQ of the Japanese fishing fleet.

There are two large areas of dock on either side of a point of land called Coyote Point. Coyote point used to be a golf course and wooded recreation area. He knew he could move within this area and remain undetected and/or lose any pursuers as the park was about 3/4 mi square of wild land. Many of the bigger trees had been felled for fuel after the war, but many small trees and brush had taken their place

The smoke had all but dissipated by the time he reaches the area. The Japanese fleet was berthed on the north side of the point and an old Yacht club to the South was occupied by boats contracted by the Japanese or otherwise indentured to them.

Levi knew there was plenty of foot traffic about and he would just take the look of another fisherman/sailor and avoid anyone who looked like a guard. Levi moves through the brush that is the remains of Coyote Point Nature preserve and the golf course. There are more than a few people running about toward and away and Levi has a good idea where the Japanese would not allow you to go.

There is a loud noise from Levi’s right. He is looking North from Coyote Point and the sound comes from the east. Levi’s instinct is to duck but also to assess the situation. He has no line of sight on the noise area, there is thick underbrush and tall trees, some pines that prevent seeing the ground. He estimates between 20 and 50 meters away

But what he does see is startling, a rocket of some sort is rising and gaining momentum, it is small maybe 2 meters long and headed north toward where the explosion took place, in another second the dust and smoke from its launch chokes the area….

The last day for a deckhand

Eloise Yakintau was a burly woman in her 30s. A long hard life of physical labor had hardened both her body and her mind. She worked for mostly the Japaneese fishing fleet as a deckhand. The Monday seemed like any other, checking gear loading the boats, getting ready to go out for a day of fishing.

She’d just hualled up a heavy buoy recently repaired and stored it at the front of the Jumping Tiger, a 60 foot long fishing boat, when the whole world went quiet. She seemed to be dreaming, floating on clouds, nothing but blue sky above her and a feeling of weightlessness.

A sudden jarring impact shook her from her dream. Loud rushing filled her ears with one huge constant din. Her brain had enough time to process that she was in the water cold and numbing. Her instinct to swim with her arms brought limited response, her brain realizing that there was no resistance as she attempted to paddle in the water…she had no arms to paddle with

“I’m still dreaming she thought, somethign to evaluate once she awakes. What could a dream mean of flying and having no arms? A worker without arms was no good to anyone, may as well stay asleep……” her brain’s last thoughts as her now lifeless body sunk slowly in the cold water of San Fransisco Bay.

Levi awakes and sees smoke

Levi awakens in what would be Jose’s new home. The ground floor is now reasonably secure but he still slept in the underground bunker and emerged cautiously. Still thinking about what to do with the bodies he ponders burring them in the backyard, then has a vision of Jose’s kids digging them up accidentally.

He is on the second floor when he hears an explosion. Maybe a couple miles off. Just one boom. But that is enough to peak his interest. Levi’s curiosity has gotten him in trouble before, he always wants to know what is going on. He slings his MP5 and heads in the direction of where he think he heard the blast.

Within several minutes he sees telltale black smoke rising from somewhere near the docks. It is quite far away, but Levi wants to know what is going on and presses on toward the smoke

Maze sees the Sun Rise twice

Maze awoke before sunrise. He had fresh ink on his back, mostly color work done on a red chrysanthemum and Koi motif that he’d and the outline done long ago. Tattoos were easy to come by, but good artwork and ones that wouldn’t kill you from infection were not. There used to be a good trusted artist in the area that many in the Japanese Fleet used.

Several years ago someone blackmailed him, making mix some contaminants in with his ink for a few clients. It was an easy hit on several Fleet members, killing one and costing another an arm from infection. It had taken sometime to get back to finding a trusted ink artist and letting him know that the punishment for betrayal could be worse than death.

The sun had not yet come up when Maze had left the house. His bicycle messenger contacts had only brought news of his embattled boat captain of the Sea Horse getting roaring drunk. Maze was going to make sure the boats were prepped and ready even if it meant getting dirty himself.

The sky was beginning to lighten but would start off overcast breezy, and very cold. As Maze reached the docks, they were already alive with men scampering about prepping the vessels. Maze nears the Sea Horse and can tell it is already behind on the day’s prep to sail.

“Boss” Charlie called from behind him “weather looks crappy today, but not too crappy to go out.” Charlie pressed a battered briefcase toward Maze who knew that the case contained the weather and wave reports from the Maggie’s Chart Chicks. “Charlie stay with the Horse and make sure she’s ready…” Maze assigned Charlie to the Sea Horse and moved off to review the charts with all the Captains.

Maze’s back began to itch…the fresh ink…the disinfectant…it wasn’t just his back something else was tingling, the hair on his neck stood…..


Everything is black and something is screaming in Maze’s ears. He is on his stomach on the docks. The screaming is a solid ring that Maze has been subject to before. His eyes open and a cloud of dust and smoke rolls over him. He realizes there is debris, falling about him although he can not hear anything he imagines it plop plop plop as planks and rocks and dirt clods kick up spray as they hit the water and clatter off the wooden pier.

There has been an explosion. Maze knows that now. Like a nearby shell burst he has been knocked down and deafened by the concussion. He moved his extremities and rolls on his side, everything works, but there is some pain. He looks at his arm and there is a large 3 inch sliver of wood sticking out of the meat of his left bicep

Jose gets the family ready to move

Jose’s Sunday is spent half at home preparing for a move and half at the Coast Guard station looking for a repair crew for the house. Most of the higher up base personel lived in the relitivly more safe confines of the San Fransisco peninsula already, as did many of the underlings.

Jose was amongst a smaller group of stalwarts who were living on Alemeda Island itself. Alemeda had been extensivly picked over just after the panic, when personel had held the island from panicing groups of civilians. Jose and his family had lived in a shipping container as did many others, until heavy travel started across the bay.

Now with a system of travel in place most personel lived off base along the bayside of the San Fransisco peninsula comuting by boat when needed to Alemeda. Jose was able to move into a recently vacated house many years ago on Alemeda.

Jose’s thoughts were to move as much usable structure of the house as possible. Shingles, bricks, doors…anything that he thought the new house would need. He set his wife the task of moving the furniture and household goods.

The military actually had it’s shit together with the move. Most boats going across the bay had alloted space “for hire” and more boats were being privatly hired to move equitment. Jose was lucky. His coffee and some of the new finds across the bay ensured that he would be first in line for a moving boat.

He was also able to secure a work crew. There were many vollunteers looking for work and knowing that this was a hub of moving activity. He figured that he and Levi would supervise a crew to dismantle what he needed off his home. He trusted Levi enough so that workers could be watched to make sure nothing walked off.

Jose figured by the end of this week he could have everythign over to the new home and have a good start on it

Maze goes to tattoo parlor

Maze spends Sunday morning expecting some information from his sources. Before noon he is visited by one of the bicycle couriers who lets him know that the Sea Horse captain has gotten terribly drunk on Saturday night and is snoring off a hangover.

Maze has prepared to get some color work done on a tattoo and leaves Charlie at the house to gather any further information.

When Maze returns Charlie lets him know that the Rock Twins killing has just been widely circulating. Seems to have gone unnoticed on Saturday, but one of the couriers let him know that there was a big gathering there by Korean higher ups and soldiers looking like there was an investigation

By the evening there is no more information, other than the Sea Horse Captain has been moving slowly to prep his boat for tomorrow

Diego goes for a sail

A stiff wind blows over the peninsula, coming straight easterly. Diego awakens and is immediately overjoyed. The wind will provide a challenging sail in the bay. He needs a good workout on the water, fighting with a boat in a stiff wind will drive all the troubles from his mind.

After a quick breakfast he is at his boat shed, his small 12 foot one man craft is up on a ramp in a small shed, it is an easy job accomplished by handcrank to lower it down the ramp into the bay.

Waves rock the boat and Diego gets more wet than he’d liked clambering aboard. Soon though he’s piloted the craft a few hundred meters offshore and has exhausted himself sailing the choppy waters.

He is back and again more wet than he’d like securing the boat, by noon.

Levi heads out for supplies

Levi awakens and heads out to the market. He finds a delivery cart service that he loads up with various building supplies that he aquires at the market thourgh trade. Metal paneling, nails, 2×4s. By noon he’s set up at Jose’s house with tools and material.

He spends Sunday securing access to the ground floor. The material he’s gathered and material from the basement blast wall, he’s able to secure all windows and doors. He devises a hidden and locked rope pull that pulls a ladder out of an upper window.

The building can now be left unoccupied with a reasonable level of security. It can also be occupuied with the same reasonable level of security. It would take an intruder several minutes and much noise to bash throgh one of the secured entry ways.

Thinking Jose may arrive, even though they had not planned it, Levi scouts the neighborhood and desides to bed down in the building for the night. Knowing Jose would be back Monday possibly with workmen

At the Mall again
Diego meets Sam at the Mall

Diego has told Sam to meet him in the Mall, an area that is still used as a large indoor shopping area, just now the shops are different. Dried fish and salvaged clothing replaces pre war attractions. Diego heads there early and spends some time canvasing the place. He looks for out of place people, maybe someone he recognizes from Convetry.

Nothing out of the ordinary. He goes into the food court area, and gets a glass of the light alcohol called “yellow”. Sam is soon there and the two purchase large bowls of the hodge podge that is avalable for food, rice or noodles fish in some sort of soy sauce with an occasional vegetable.

The two discuss coventry, Diego presenting his George Soros pieces and Sam seemingly fascinated by everything. Diego is careful continually scanning about. Sam asks if he is worried that they will continue to spy on him. Diego confides that is the one thing he has no idea. Will Coventry continue to pursue him, or will they just go back to being an odd group living in a cemetery.

The two spend some time speculating but really have probably got all they can from this group unless Diego were to decide to take them up on their offer of spending time in Coventry. Diego does not think he will. He tells Sam he is planning on a sail tomorrow and wants to get to bed early.

Deigo and Sam walk back in fading light parting ways at the school. Diego is in bed with a book early.


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