Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Of Rockets and Dinghies
A search of both sites

More troops have arrived and soon there are an additional 20 troopers. Maze and Levi have looked over both sites

Boat Site
2 inflatable prewar dighys
Painted with dark blue, black and dark green housepaint
Oar powered
Covered with simple camo netting and a few branches tossed atop
Many footprints around the area
Sites where other boats 2 maybe 3 were pulled up

Inside boats
Prewar plastic paddles, spray painted black
One boat has laminated crude drawing of set up
Where to land
Where to set up Missiles
Where to target
All written in KOREAN

Probably boats used to haul the missiles and the launchers
Probably towed or rowed and then not needed by infiltrators as escape boats
Rowboat maybe 3mph.
Missile set up time est 1 hour

Possible start points
Across Bay 8-10 miles (at least 3 hour row)
Remains of Bay Bridge 6 miles (at least 2 hour row)
Dropped of by mothership

Simple welded launch rails
Rockets probably “candy” rockets sugar+nitrate
Simple tube packed with 10-15 lb warhead.
No guidance and stabilized with simple fins “Estes”
Burned remains of Car batteries and simple pre-war security light timers and wires to base of launchers

Dressed in Black jumpsuit some simple camouflage ghillie type netting
Has a pair of pliers nearby
From Levis description seemed to be incapacitated before rocket took off
Quick run through the pockets finds another crude map same as one found in boat again written in KOREAN
Body’s features are that of a probable Korean lineage, clothing and skin has taken some damage from the rocket taking off

Levi and Maze get together

Maze draws near to the Pacific Islander and says, “You got a name, Commander?” Otherwise, I’m visibly, though not deferentially, subordinating to the =him. He’s obviously former military and had shit way more in hand than we did well before we hit the scene.

Maze keep my/the Organization guys in line if someone should decide to try to get gangster-chesty (like any NCO should). While they should know better anyway, it pays to establish chain of command clearly and quickly.

“Call me Levi, former Army, now gettin’ along. We can shoot the shit later. Name?” Maze answers with his name, and Levi continues, “Good. Bounding sucks – too slow, but we don’t want to get suckered-in – least that’s what the good 7-8 says. Keep an eye on your team, I’ll take the water side, you take inland. Echelon right, keep your outside two on the right looking towards the golf course. They might find some rabbits. HA! Good fun! (Slap’s Maze on the back). Ready?”

Maze points to one of his men and say “secure this site” indicating the rocket launch area. Levi let’s Maze know that if there are hostiles in the area, the only way they could be is to the North East. Levi relates what he saw when he arrived to Maze as they move.

Levi and Maze form their men into 2 fire teams of 5 to move and cover into that area. Maze Levi and one other man with an M14 will overwatch the movement. Maze probably hasn’t seen any of the teams and could easily not have seen a sergeant from somewhere. He is a bit wary as he doe not know this probably NCO, but he also has no reason not to think he is not on his side as they investigate the launch site.

Plus the man is WAY to casual to be posing and it is almost impractical that so guy is just taking charge of policing the situation. Maze’s fears are assuaged, with the man called Levi’s demeanor…he must know what is going on and Maze is happy to have someone who seems to actually have his shit together for once.

One team moves toward the water while the other traverses the high part of the cliff, in a few minutes there is a shout from the water.

“We got something down here!” Mazes sets some men in over-watch and moves with one other down toward Levi’s position. Levi is moving his men forward

Levi and Maze are behind 3 men. Everyone is in cover and about 20 feet ahead at the water line you can see two small boats covered with camouflage netting and a few branches. They are fairly visible, not well camouflaged, and there doesn’t appear to be any movement or occupancy. The boats are pulled up out of the water.

The boats are small prewar “dingy” type inflatables, painted dark blue and black. Maze and Levi post two men to watch the site and continue with the sweep.

After a thorough search to the NE tip of the point, no one or other signs of movement are found. Maze and Levi head back to check both the launch site and the boat site

The troops assemble
Maze and Levi meet

Maze sees what could be Japanese fleet security moving about in the brush. He sees one figure hand signalling from atop a rise It is military and a signal to rally on that point. Maze urges his men up into the woods. They encounter 2 other fleet soldiers and quickly learn that They were sent down the hill to look for the people firing the rockets and that a “commander” is atop the hill in over-watch. Other soldiers were sent east to the water.

Maze and his 4 men move with the 2 new men back up the hill, toward the top of the ravine where they saw the rally signal They gather 2 more men who also say they were sent by a “commander” but found nothing all the way to the water line.

The now larger group heads back up the ravine

In the ravine are crudely made rail launchers. Simple welded steel frames that a rocket can be set upon “Estes” style to more or less direct it in a general direction.

4 Launchers. 4 Rockets were fired. 3 about a minute apart and the last one 5 minutes later

There is a body at the base of the launchers, its camouflaged suit is smoldering

There is a BDU dressed man with an MP5 and 4 other Soldiers atop the ravine with weapons in your general direction but not threatening. The BDU dressed man waves you up.

Maze doesn’t think to question the Pacific Islander looking man whom two different soldiers called commander as he addresses Maze “Nobody from where you and your men came, and we are clear to the water from my 9 (he points to his left/due west) to my 3 (he points to his right/due east)”

Only place someone could have gotten to is back to the South East. Maze and Levi quickly get their men into 3 groups. Levi and Maze Command/over-watch group along with the 2 soldiers with M14s. The other 10 men are divided into two teams of 5. One will move while the other covers…..

You are moving toward the Merchant Marine Memorial Overlook. There is only about 1000 feet and limited area that the rocketeers could be hiding in, if they are still here at all

Rockets Red Glare
Diego sees more rockets

Diego observes people scurrying about eventually coming back to work on the situation at hand. Several people move over into the area and you can see people ferociously working on the boat on its side, they appear to be cutting through the hull. Others are tending to small fires and moving bodies or wounded….Suddenly he sees a large puff of smoke like another explosion further south along the coast inside the trees of Coyote Point..

A rocket or missile of some sort emerges and streaks skyward as a large bang of a door slamming erupts behind him and a gruff voice yells ’WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE, GET OUT OF THE WAY"

Fight or flight, that is the question.

Having been witness to enough combat and its effects in the past, Diego grabs Sam’s arm, “Let us make haste, young man!”, and decides to collect his belongings and push for an early exit.

It’s not so much the braggart that is crashing the room, but the thought of a rocket that is headed who-knows-where that is raising Diego’s inner, survival instincts.

It’s not so much the loud mouth that is crashing the room, but the thought of a rocket that is headed who-knows-where that is raising Diego’s inner, survival instincts.

Diego collapses his telescope and spins to leave. A Military Officer of some sorts has entered the room along with two soldiers with combat gear on “JONAS MOVE THESE PEOPLE!” the officer yells and one of the soldiers is rising a nightstick in a threatening fashion.

Diego is the first out the door there are several other soldiers in the hallway heading inside and there is a bit of bumping but Diego manages to get by, there is a lot of commotion and shouting behind him. He reaches the ground floor there is only one guard left at the door and the jeep that pulled up earlier.

In the distance another military vehicle, a pickup is speeding toward the tower. Diego retrieves his bike and hightails it back to his school, passing the military truck full of soldiers which speed toward the Tower

Two things Diego wants accomplish.

First, he wants to get to his classroom and make some kind of notice and communiques that class is indefinitely suspended for obvious reasons, safety being of the highest priority.

Next, he wants to head back to his dorm and collect a small pack of “survival gear” in case things really hit the fan

Which way would you run?
Maze heads toward the fire

Fire is coming from just over a mile away, but from an area “controlled” by the Japanese. But Gathering the troops and heading toward it is about the only way you are going to “Counter Battery”

Plus assuming the rockets are landing IN your area, getting out of the area by moving toward the launch site is a good idea

Maze yells at some of the soldiers who are also hugging the earth to “Come with me” and they advance North to Airpost Boulevard. They will have to lower a hand controlled drawbridge, cross, and come back along the shoreline. Even double time will take about 10 minutes. But he should be able to gather up more than the 3 soldiers he’s got with him now

Maze and his men quick time to the bridge that spans the canal. It is an old foot drawbridge that is now cranked up and down by hand, taking 10 men to do it to let ships pass, luckily it is in the down position currently.

Maze has 4 men with him one with an M16 and one with an Uzi the other two have pistols as does Maze. They are making a beeline for Coyote point where the rockets had been fired from
Maze and his men quickly cover a half mile, about half of the way there.

The smoke trails from the first three rockets are dissipating in the wind when WHOOOOOSH a forth rocket streaks from the wooded side toward the sea of Coyote point. You have a good view of where the rocket launched from and continue to make a beeline toward it.

You are still 800 meters away, which would be at long range for a military trained sniper. You are also at the extreme for most common large rounds like 7.62 and .300 win

Since you are worried about opposing force, Maze yells at his men to not bunch up and to zig zag a bit, don’t run in straight line. Once you get to 400 meters or so he can take more defensive measures, but nobody is gonna hit you at this distance except for a highly trained sniper with a BIG gun like a .50

Maze and his men are moving through a parking lot and quickly toward the point which looms ahead of them…They cover another hundered meters and pull up against the remains of restrooms, made of cinderblock. They can see men moving in the treeline where the rockets were launched but the men seem to be doing what Maze and his men are doing, they are spread out and moving cautiously

Diego Heads to Airport

Diego has a slight rush of adrenaline as he moves quickly to retrieve his bike and telescope. Securing the telescope in a backpack and rushing atop his bike toward the airport. The Airport had been used by people to live in after the war, but famine and other maladies had reduced the population enough that there were plenty of homes for the survivors now a decade plus afterward.

There was a cold breeze off Seaplane Bay the water inlet that separated the Airport and the College where Diego lived, he pedaled quickly around it and onto the tarmac of San Francisco Airport, past long abandoned cars and airliners now collapsing into themselves.

He secured his bike with a lock to a fence post insight of the group of people, a few soldiers and a somewhat of a commotion. There were 3 Milgov soldiers, 2 with battered M16 rifles held at the ready and what looks to be a Noncom trying to look at papers to let people inside, presumably to climb up the tower to see the commotion similar to Diego.

There is a steel double door behind the men, the Noncom is checking paperwork and letting people in or not as there is some arguing as to the authenticity or expiration date or something…..Sam opens the metal door behind the men and motions Diego toward. “He’s a professor from the college” Sam says as the soldiers notice his advance…

Feeling no real reason to push past the group, Diego takes his place at the back of the line and gets his identification papers out, Sam seems anxious for Diego to come inside. A woman at the head of the line is arguing that she has not had time to renew here papers and they only expired a few days ago. The rest of the crowd is moving from an organized line into a rabble, some of the other people speaking to the two soldiers with rifles who ignore them. Diego patiently waits, Sam is saying something to the officer, but to his back, he is motioning Diego to move past the rabble, for the present Diego is content to await his turn

Soon Diego is waved forward and as Diego moves past the rabble, the officer looks at him and Sam shouts, “that’s the professor I told you about” The officer replies “Yea Yea Yea, go inside” motioning Diego to move toward Sam and the door. “Hey you didn’t check that guys papers” yells one of the other people in the rabble. Diego hears a motor and turns as Sam grabs his arm pulling him inside.

A battered Civilian model Jeep carting soldiers is approaching as Sam pulls Diego inside the tower “Let’s make haste, Sam, before the rabble gets too unruly, shall we?” Diego heads inside Diego is to the interior of the building as the Jeep screeches to a halt outside. Sam and he rush up the stairs and into the control tower. In a space that could comfortably fit 10 people there is a clamor of 20 or so pushed to one side looking out to the south, some with binoculars.

Diego has enough room to extend his telescope and take a good look. Something has evidently blown up in the heart of the Japanese fishing fleet docks. There is a boat sunken low in the water and another on its side. Diego sees only a few people moving nearby as it appears the many have fled. There are large contingents of people keeping their distance from the area

The launch site
Levi sees where the rockets are coming form

Levi zig zags ahead, crouching low MP5 at the ready to where he believes the rockets launched from. Cresting a ravine he sees several angled metal rail like devices hidden in a small gully. Two have 3 foot long rockets resting on them with asian writing scrawled on their fuselages.

Clearly the two rockets were fired from this position and there are two more (about?) to be fired.

Disturbingly there is a man laying under one of the yet to be launched rockets. An asian man dressed in ghille suit and fatigues. He is prone on the ground and unmoving, his head is directly under the rocket exhaust, if it launches he will be fried to a crisp.

You also see a tarp of camouflage that had been presumedly taken off these before firing

The rocket rails are 30 feet away and 20 feet under where you are. You are at the tip of a ravine that would be a steep slide down to the position. Or you could loop around to approach on more level ground

Levi takes stock of the situation and stares at the body. It is an younger Asian man well dressed in military fatigues and a partial ghille suit. There appears to be a pliers in his hand, almost like he was working on the rocket in front of him and just collapsed over on to his back

Levi hears movement behind him. Twigs snapping as more than one person is moving toward your position or the position of the rockets

The third rocket above the body launches about a minute later, its exhaust scorching the body that is prone beneath it, and pushing in back . Dust and rubble blow up onto Levis position choking and blinding him with its dust and smoke.

Now may be a good time to use the smoke/dust cover to move. Levi has a quick thought that it will be him identified as the one launching the rockets.

Damn, thinks Levi. So much for trapping them in the lowland ravine. Levi was hoping that the folks would come in straight to him from down in the ravine. He’s been mindful of the clock and time on the objective (alluded to earlier). Will circle back and come from behind those advancing to the scene. Trail behind roughly 50m until finding out who they are. MP5 concealed but easily accessed. Non-threatening. Keep close to the trees in case of diving for cover.

Levi makes an easy circle and is in a flanking position of whoever is tromping throughout he underbrush. He gets glimpses of men rushing to the firing position, 4 or 6 of them he is not sure from his areas of cover. They appear to be civilians but are moving in a rushing military fashion using trees for cover and leapfrogging, but not with any precision and rather sloppily

He takes up a position on their rear flank and tries to get a little recon. It looks like the group has reached the position and is interested in stopping the rockets or their launchers

Levi is able to get a look at one of the men bounding through the bush. He has a mix of old survival gear and civilian clothes on and carrying an M16. He wears no insignia but appears to be Asian. You know this to be an area of the Japanese fishing fleet and the rockets went that way. You assume this is some sort of reactionary force to the rockets

The men disappear back into the brush and you are able to get a bit of movement in behind them. HTey are low skilled and making a lot of noise, it is easy for you to move behind them and observe

There are 3 that you can see, although you think there are more, they are standing on the edge of the ravine and pointing M16 rifles down toward where you think the rockets were.

WHOOOSH! The 4th rocket takes off and showers the men in dust and obscures your view

Levi is forward before the men have even got off the ground. They are coughing and covered in dust, clearly not ready for what just happened and poorly trained

Levi takes charge of the situation. He sees 7 men. 5 carry old model M16A1s and 2 carry old battered M14s. They are picking themselves up off the ground and confused.

“You two” he yells at the men with M14s. “Take positions HERE and cover the rest” . “You two down that side of the ravine move toward the ocean. That is where the escape route will be”. The other two, other side of the ravine. MOVE AND COVER MOVE AND COVER 10 feet at a time one move the other cover. I’ll move down behind you, remember where the other team is and don’t fire that way

The men respond to Levi’s taking charge, two men moving to each side of ravine toward the ocean, the 2 with M14s moving near trees in overwatch. Levi smiles to himself

Levi will stay in overwatch for a bit to see if they flush anyone.The two ‘away’ teams move off in to the brush and Levi can occasionally see them in between the trees and scrub. He is getting a good overwatch look and doesn’t see any movement from below.

In a few minutes a couple more men approach from the rear, tromping heavily through the brush, Levi instructs his overwatch men to keep an eye on the away team and spins to face the new approachers. Levi has cover behind a tree and yells to the men hoping they are part of this reaction force “You Men OVER Here”

The men obey and move quickly to his position. Levi barks a quick SITREP to them and places them in overwatch positions as well

Off to the North Levi sees another group of men moving toward his position. There are 5 of them and they are moving quickly in Levi’s direction, he surmises that they are also a reactionary force moving to the rocket launch position. They are 500 meters away and moving through a parking lot at the base of the point.

Them There's a Rocket!
Maze under fire

Maze stands and moves cautiously toward the scene. The blast seems to have been a solid bang of pressure that destroyed one boat and severely damaged others. The smoke is more dissipated and Maze can see people mostly moving away from the scene a couple are crawling with obvious injuries.

There are 6 boats moored along the way, that as Maze moves he shouts “GET YOUR BOAT AWAY” on board. Only on 2 does he visibly see a Captain or Mate who acknowledges his order.

He gets to about 50 meters from the area and can see a few other Organization soldiers moving toward the scene, but the rest of the ships compliments from nearby have fled.

He has a good look at the first boat that is on its side, masts now pointing toward him as he moves to the area. There is crewman clambering up onto the pier soaking wet but apparently unharmed. Remains of the middle boat can not be seen apart from a large amount of debris.

The dock that runs the length of the shore to which the boats are tied is heavily damaged missing a large section. There are more soldiers and workers moving toward the scene. Maze looks at the soldier who is with him on the hull, “Stay here and talk to whoever is in there, tell them we are coming we just gotta get some tools” Maze hops off the hull back onto the dock and yells at several other people “TOOLS! We need to punch through that hull to get somebody out”

A few of the others look perplexed, then a teenaged worker says “we have a saw an drill in our boat, be right back” he turns and runs away. “You guys” Maze yells at the gathering crowds, " get to stamping out that stuff smoldering over there before it catches fire"

Maze yells “with me” to the other soldier and is able to leap aboard the hull of the capsized boat. There is considerable damage amidships and the inner holds are exposed and twisted. Maze calls out but hears no cries of distress. “HERE” cries the other soldier and Maze moves cautiously back toward the bow. Someone in frantically pounding from inside the bow

Several other soldier/helpers have arrived

The other soldier has succeeded in getting the sailor up onto the dock

You will need something to cut through the fiberglass hull

Boat can not sink any further, you are assuming whoever is pounding is in an air pocket to the bow of the boat and there is too much damage behind them to get aft
Maze orders one of the soldiers to assist the man emerging from the water and the other to stick with him.

The two damaged boats

Boat-1 sunk straight down. Water is shallow here and you can see that the explosion has blown large jagged hole in it’s side, Draft of most of the boats is 6-10 feet with retractable centerboards or daggerboards. Boats with solid keels have to me moored in deeper areas

Boat 2 is on its side toppled over and also shows significant damage from the blast
The others begin stamping out smoldering fires, Maze grabs another soldier and says “With me” and heads toward the sunken boat. The gangway is still in place and they are easily able to board, there is about an inch of water on the deck, the masts are toppled

The Yacht has a cabin/pilothouse amidships with the foredeck opened as a fish hold, although there are walkways round hold. There is a sailors body floating face down in the entrance to the cabin. The cabin has suffered heavy damage and is partially collapsed you hear a moan from inside. It will be difficult to crawl in amidst the twisted wreckage

The tools arrive and Maze and several others begin drilling and sawing ZOOBAH ZOOBAH ZOOBAH on the boat on its side attempting to reach the person who is trapped in the bow.

Several others are on the swamped boat, anyone trapped inside the tangle of the damage would have drowned by now. They have opened up hatches and pulled a couple bodies from the water

15 minutes after the explosion and a good crowd is about. Charlie is within shouting distance. Any fires are stamped out, and several wounded are being attended to

Maze is standing on the dock observing the men sawing an opening to get the person trapped inside when he sees a large puff of smoke in the trees of Coyote Point to the South, about 400-500 meters away. Maze stares for a second in disbelief as what appears to be a rocket rises from the smoke and begins climbing, but not too high as its trajectory is headed right at you..

The rocket is a low trajectory short range giving only a few seconds from launch to impact Maze yells for everyone to take cover, but only a few comply, several actually watch the rocket like spectators at a fireworks show. Luckily for you the rocket passes well overhead and impacts on the remains of the Bay Freeway about 1000 feet away. The explosion is small but clearly would have caused some damage had it hit something.

Maze raises his head and his quick analysis is the kind of Soviet made angle unguided rocket From the WWII Katusha to the BM-21 Grad (rain) that PACT forces used so often as artillery prep before an attack. He raises himself up as many of the others are now running about or hugging earth.

He follows the streak of smoke looking toward where it was launched he sees the now dispersed ball of smoke where it was launched from the trees of Coyote Point, Then a second one launches GET BACK DOWN MORE INCOMING he shouts and hugs the earth near the pier again .

Diego hears a boom

The school was oddly quiet when Diego finally left his living quarters. Usually there was a bustle in the hallway of early students and teachers and guards milling about, but only a few people moved about. This struck him as odd until his eyes caught sight of Sam moving toward him.

“Hey something’s happened down the shore,” Sam said excitedly as the two drew near, " Looks like somethings blown up a few miles away. You should go get that super strong spyglass of yours and come up into the tower." Sam spun on his heals and hurried off

Diego can continue to his classroom, it is still early and class is at least an hour away, or he can go back to his room and get his portable telescope. Diego even seems like the kind of guy who has some interest in astronomy so lets say he has a pretty good salvaged tripod telescope which could be taken as well and go to the tower.

Tower is the old air control tower of the San Francisco National Airport but almost a mile away as you have to go around a body of water. Diego is at the Community college just north of Seaplane Harbor if you look at a map of San Francisco Airport

Diego retrieves his collapsible telescope and retrieves his bike. A brisk pedal to the Control tower and he is there in less than 15 minutes from the time he spoke to Sam

The control tower of San Francisco Airport is built within the structure of the terminal. After the bombs fell MilGov moved into it as an observation point, but eventually was reopened to most people in the last few years. Fishing fleet spotters, scientists looking at everything from clouds to waves, even just sightseers will climb to use its height to see out into the Bay.

MilGov stil maintains a presence there with a squad of soldiers stationed there at all times and several military observers. They will check papers to allow access. Diego’s status and papers would permit him access. The tower is 120 feet high so you can see at least 20 miles across the bay into Oakland

Cape Canaveral?

Levi spins his MP5to a ready position and moves cautiously toward but in a slight diagonal of where the rocket was launched. In a few seconds he hears a CRUMP far off where as suing it to be the rockets impact and explosion. He has only moved a caution 10 feet or so when another rocket WHOOOOSHES skyward.

He gets a better look at this one probably 6 feet long Something like the GRAD BM-21. There will be a launcher, usually a vehicle in the spot that these two rockets launched from. They usually launched in rapid fire, with the launcher then high tailing it away so no counter battery fire can occur. So there is either a malfunction, or an operator is slowly triggering them knowing there is no counter battery to fire on this location

There is an artillery position obscured through dense underbrush and trees maybe 30 meters away. He is already slightly above the position as it appears to be firing from a low area or ravine in front of him He has a general idea that the rocket was fired toward the marina where the Japanese fish fleet is and where the explosion that occurred on the boats there.

He is 4000 to 5000 feet away from both the exploded boat and the rocket impact site. Levi thinks to himself: “Fuck me! Where the hell did that come from!. Shit, there should be guards or lookouts”
Levi figures that he’s already in the security perimeter. Levi drops and looks in a 360, especially at high points. Move to concealment, listen, then investigate…

Thoughts are on being outnumbered and keeping retreat routes open. Observe/invstigate, gather info, don’t engage unless life depends on it. Not a clue as to who, why, or how the hell they got LARGE Soviet hardware here unnoticed. To do that takes organization. Big fish.


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