Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

As we rode out of sight.....

The Yacht returns minus one passenger

After yelling to Maze the “THERE IS NOTHING THAT CONCERNS YOU HERE” the Fecund orders the swimsuited girl into the water. “GET OFF THE BOAT” she says loudly gesturing with the pistol. The swimsuited girl’s eyes are wide with fear and she begins to mouth a protest….

Maze has decided to not interfere. This organization is well respected whatever actions that they partake in to maintain their order are not his to interrupt. As a Marine he saw the greatest of atrocities that some had deemed needed to maintain order. This continued on a lesser scale with the Japanese fishing fleet. This was a hard cruel world.

The fearful girl trembled as she slowly backed down the ladder on the rear deck and into the water. Maze remained in the pilot house watching the proceedings. When the girl was fully in the water, the female who had previously been piloting the boat puts her pistol into its holster, spins and enters the pilot house. “You are dismissed” she says to the Sea Horses captain, shouldering him out of the way and taking the helm.

The boat goes to full power and begins to pull away from the girl in the water. The Fecund and the other dungareed female unfurl the sail as the boat hauls about heading back toward the Japanese fleet base. Maze relaxes a bit as the guns are put away, but keeps his palm on is Beretta.

Maze remains fixated on the girl in the water, she is treading water and keeping her eyes locked on the boat. “Swim for shore” he thinks, knowing in the 50 degree water she has about 30 minutes of activity before she starts to be distressed by hypothermia, maybe an hour if she is lucky.

Nothing is said as the boat pulls rapidly away, soon Maze looses sight of the tiny head bobbing in the cold water. The Yacht returns to the docks where Suzuki is waiting. The Fecund orders Maze and the captain off, Suzuki comes aboard as the Fecund says “All is done”

It is closing in on 5pm


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