Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Jose Finds Mr. Fingers

Locksmith located

“Hey, name’s Jose,” Jose speaks as a freind to put the guard at ease. “I’m having some difficulty with a lock, guy that I was working with told me that someone on this meat wagon maybe able to help me out.”

The guard stands, he is wearing battered US Army fatigues and the collared insigna of a corpsman, doesn’t seem to be too concern with you as a threat to what is on the ambluance, he has an M92 Beretta on a belt rig. He turns past the vehicle and yells into the warehouse “TIE! TIE! SOMEONE LOOKING FOR YOU!” He sits back on the tail of the open ambluance, “Tie will be with you in a sec” In a moment 2 other Green camo troopers appear. Both are dressed as the first, all appear to be US Army corpsmen. All three have newer unit patches on and a white and red cross patch clearly indicating medical “Doug what’s up?” The taller of the two approaching medics says, " Guy here looking for a….lock help?" says the original medic. Jose starts up, “Someone told me that someone on this ambluance was good with locks, I got a lock that needs opeing without tearing it up.” The medic approaches, “Name’s Tie” he says extending a hand to shake. Something is slightly odd about Tie’s appearance, his skin is dark almost olive showing a possible Mediteranian or Indian ancestry, but he is tall, over 6 foot and has an unusualy colored shock of red/orange hair. “Gov or for you?” Tie asks, Jose thinks for a second then realizes it means for the goverment or a private job, “For me,” he replies. Tie continues, " hazards will cost you, travel expense up front not refundable, but I WILL get a lock open" he spoke confidantly, got some loading to finish here, meet me back here in an hour and we discuss job and payment


george3 george3

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