Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Levi and Maze get together

Maze draws near to the Pacific Islander and says, “You got a name, Commander?” Otherwise, I’m visibly, though not deferentially, subordinating to the =him. He’s obviously former military and had shit way more in hand than we did well before we hit the scene.

Maze keep my/the Organization guys in line if someone should decide to try to get gangster-chesty (like any NCO should). While they should know better anyway, it pays to establish chain of command clearly and quickly.

“Call me Levi, former Army, now gettin’ along. We can shoot the shit later. Name?” Maze answers with his name, and Levi continues, “Good. Bounding sucks – too slow, but we don’t want to get suckered-in – least that’s what the good 7-8 says. Keep an eye on your team, I’ll take the water side, you take inland. Echelon right, keep your outside two on the right looking towards the golf course. They might find some rabbits. HA! Good fun! (Slap’s Maze on the back). Ready?”

Maze points to one of his men and say “secure this site” indicating the rocket launch area. Levi let’s Maze know that if there are hostiles in the area, the only way they could be is to the North East. Levi relates what he saw when he arrived to Maze as they move.

Levi and Maze form their men into 2 fire teams of 5 to move and cover into that area. Maze Levi and one other man with an M14 will overwatch the movement. Maze probably hasn’t seen any of the teams and could easily not have seen a sergeant from somewhere. He is a bit wary as he doe not know this probably NCO, but he also has no reason not to think he is not on his side as they investigate the launch site.

Plus the man is WAY to casual to be posing and it is almost impractical that so guy is just taking charge of policing the situation. Maze’s fears are assuaged, with the man called Levi’s demeanor…he must know what is going on and Maze is happy to have someone who seems to actually have his shit together for once.

One team moves toward the water while the other traverses the high part of the cliff, in a few minutes there is a shout from the water.

“We got something down here!” Mazes sets some men in over-watch and moves with one other down toward Levi’s position. Levi is moving his men forward

Levi and Maze are behind 3 men. Everyone is in cover and about 20 feet ahead at the water line you can see two small boats covered with camouflage netting and a few branches. They are fairly visible, not well camouflaged, and there doesn’t appear to be any movement or occupancy. The boats are pulled up out of the water.

The boats are small prewar “dingy” type inflatables, painted dark blue and black. Maze and Levi post two men to watch the site and continue with the sweep.

After a thorough search to the NE tip of the point, no one or other signs of movement are found. Maze and Levi head back to check both the launch site and the boat site


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