Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Of Rockets and Dinghies

A search of both sites

More troops have arrived and soon there are an additional 20 troopers. Maze and Levi have looked over both sites

Boat Site
2 inflatable prewar dighys
Painted with dark blue, black and dark green housepaint
Oar powered
Covered with simple camo netting and a few branches tossed atop
Many footprints around the area
Sites where other boats 2 maybe 3 were pulled up

Inside boats
Prewar plastic paddles, spray painted black
One boat has laminated crude drawing of set up
Where to land
Where to set up Missiles
Where to target
All written in KOREAN

Probably boats used to haul the missiles and the launchers
Probably towed or rowed and then not needed by infiltrators as escape boats
Rowboat maybe 3mph.
Missile set up time est 1 hour

Possible start points
Across Bay 8-10 miles (at least 3 hour row)
Remains of Bay Bridge 6 miles (at least 2 hour row)
Dropped of by mothership

Simple welded launch rails
Rockets probably “candy” rockets sugar+nitrate
Simple tube packed with 10-15 lb warhead.
No guidance and stabilized with simple fins “Estes”
Burned remains of Car batteries and simple pre-war security light timers and wires to base of launchers

Dressed in Black jumpsuit some simple camouflage ghillie type netting
Has a pair of pliers nearby
From Levis description seemed to be incapacitated before rocket took off
Quick run through the pockets finds another crude map same as one found in boat again written in KOREAN
Body’s features are that of a probable Korean lineage, clothing and skin has taken some damage from the rocket taking off


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