Voyage of the Colonel Darvish

Tie the Locks

Tie is the locksmith's name

Jose kept busy for an hour then wandered back to where the ambluance was parked. The doors of the ambluance were closed and no one was about. Jose looked at his watch and realized he was a bit early.

Several minutes went by and Tie appeared with the other two medics. “We don’t need you to go along Tie,” said the medic whom Tie had called Doug earlier. Tie moves toward Jose and the other two move to the ambluance and it coughs to life as Tie and Jose walk away.

“So what do you have for me to do?” Tie asks Jose who explains the situation to him. Safe area? Guys to watch my back as I work? Key lock? Tie asked a bunch of questions then asked what Jose was offering.

Jose produced some of his “coffee” beans and told Tie even if he didn’t like coffee that these could be traded for a good value. Tie and Jose haggled a bit eventually settling on a pound of coffee, a dozen eggs, and some of Levi’s fish sauce that Jose had traded Levi coffee for.

Luck would have it Tie was free tomorrow. Since Levi and Jose had planned on getting back to the house on Saturday anyway Jose was happy that things were falling into place. Tie and Jose parted ways as the sun was low on the horizon, Jose headed home.


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