Taj' Hawthorne



Age: 38
Rank: E5
Branch: US Army Combat Medic
Nationality: American (Scottish father, Indian mother)

Small Arms Pistol 40
Small Arm Rifle 50
Thrown Weapon 10
Mellee Unarmed 20
Mellee Armed 10

Small Boat Handling 20
Stealth 30
Gunsmith 20
Wheeled Vehicle 30

Swimming 20

LNG (English) 100 Native
LNG (Hindi) 50
LNG (Spanish) 20
Persuasion 20
Interrogation 20

Navigation 20
Observation 30
Fishing 20
Scrounging 30
Lockpick 30

EDUCATION 6 Undergrad
Medical 40
Biology 20
Chemistry 20


Denis Hawthorne (father) was a medical advisor with the US Army stationed in India when he met Anjuli Aswara (mother) who gave birth to Taj in 1973. His first 8 years in India then Dennis was reassigned to the states and Anjuli immigrated. After 6 years the family returned to India and Taj’ was educated in Indian schools. On the eve of college the Sino-Soviet war had escalated to the point that the family moved back to the states in 1991.

Taj enrolled in UC-Davis for Biology/Pre Med. graduating in 1994 and enrolling in the US Army as a combat medic. Posted to Germany with the 2nd Armored Cavalry he was involved in some of the earliest ground fighting in late 1996. Severely wounded in early 2000 he was evacuated back to the states.

His parents pulled strings to get him out of a South Carolina VA and get him back to California. Through the famine they survived running a private clinic behind the area of military influence. Taj’s health gradually returned with his parents care, and he helped run the clinic until a well planned attack killed his parents and left the clinic in ruins.

Taj’ re-upped with the Army and volunteered for front line duty anti-marauder and Mexican forces mostly as a combat infantryman, until 2008 when we was moved back to San Jose.

Taj' Hawthorne

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